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Safeguarding client assets


The training aims to provide insight in safeguarding client assets obligations under UCITS/AIFMD and under MiFID. Purpose is to discuss the evolution of the obligations and supervisory expectations.  


Compliance officers and staff members, internal audit, back office staff members and anyone dealing in the context of her/his job with the interpretation and application of client assets safeguarding regulations. 


Expert Level: This training will provide advanced characteristics on a specific topic. In order to grasp the concepts of this training, thorough knowledge is required (enhancement).



The training includes the following topics that will be discussed from both a theoretical and a practical angle:

  • Relevant MiFID I obligations + additional obligations MiFID II
  • Circular PPB – 2007-7-CPB
  • Relevant UCITS and AIFMD obligations
  • Role of different intervening parties, the CAP Officer, the control functions and external audit.

Practical aspects

Duration: a half day training

Hours: 13:30pm - 5pm (3 training hours a day)

Address: Febelfin Academy, Aarlenstraat/Rue d'Arlon 80, 1040 Brussels

Extra information: This training will be given in English!


Form: Classical

Teaching material: Powerpoint presentation (slides)

Bank: De technische kennis m.b.t. de financiële producten in bank- en beleggingsdiensten overeenkomstig art. 7; §1, 1°, b en c van het K.B. van 1 juli 2006.

Banque: Les connaissances techniques relatives aux produits financiers et aux services bancaires et d'investissement, conformément à l'article 7, §1, 1°, b et c. de l'AR du 1er juillet 2006.

Verzekeringen: Betreft de technische kennis m.b.t. de onderscheiden verzekeringstakken, overeenkomstig art. 270 van de wet van 4 april 2014.

Assurances: Les connaissances techniques relatives aux différentes branches d'assurance, conformément à l'article 270 de la loi du 4 avril 2014.


Safeguarding client assets - List of interest

Safeguarding client assets

  • Safeguarding client assets
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  • Safeguarding client assets
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  • Safeguarding client assets
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