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New evolution in privacy regulation (GDPR)


  • Provide an overview and pragmatic overview of the evolution and key changes in privacy (and related) regulations and their interaction
  • Explain in clear language the key concepts of privacy and data protection principles
  • Explain and discuss practical impact (challenges and opportunities) and implementation of data protection and privacy regulations into your company’s procedures, processes and operational environment (eg. Privacy Impact Assessments, privacy by design, Cloud environments etc.)
  • Explain key changes in new privacy regulation (GDPR)


  • Compliance officers/Legal counsels
  • Data Protection Officers
  • Chief Data Officers
  • HR and Marketing/Data Analytics professionals
  • IT and (cyber) security professionals (eg. CISO, CIO etc.)


Expert Level: This training will provide advanced characteristics on a specific topic. In order to grasp the concepts of this training, thorough knowledge is required (enhancement).



  • Overview and evolution of data protection regulation
  • Key concepts in privacy explained:
    • Data types
    • Data processes
    • Roles ((joint)controller versus processor)
  • Data protection principles: cornerstones
    • Purpose Limitation (proportionality)
    • Lawfulness of processing (accountability)
    • Transparency
  • Key changes new privacy regulation (GDPR)
  • Overview of operational impact of new privacy regulation
    • Opportunities and challenges related to :
      • Governance
      • Processes
      • Data
      • Technology
  • Implementation of risk-based privacy program

Practical aspects

Duration: Half day training

Hours: 13:30 - 17:00 (3 training hours a day)

Address: Febelfin Academy, Aarlenstraat/Rue d'Arlon 80, 1040 Brussels

Extra information: This training will be given in English!


Form: Classical

Teaching Material: Powerpoint presantation (slides)


New evolution in privacy regulation - Interesselijst

New evolution in privacy regulation

  • New evolution in privacy regulation
    Datum: wachtlijst
  • New evolution in privacy regulation
    Datum: wachtlijst
  • New evolution in privacy regulation
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